About the Arizona Internet Exchange

The Arizona Internet Exchange (AZIX), located at i/o Data Centers' PHOENIX location, announced it is open for business on Jan 17th, 2011. The Exchange was designed to decrease costs for providers locally and improve content delivery speeds. It will also help in fostering a community of content and access providers in the Arizona market.
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Technical Setup
Two Brocade switches are located in i/o Data Centers' PHOENIX Meet-Me-Room, operated by Limelight Networks. The switches are interconnected with a 2*10GE LAG, providing a Layer-2 platform over all available access ports. Each participant receives an IPv4 address (and optionally an IPv6 address) out of the AZIX peering LAN ( & 2001:504:18::/64), to be able to interconnect across the peering platform. With i/o Data Centers offering free cross-connects within the Meet-Me-Room, connecting to AZIX is as easy as filling in our order form.
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About our Supporters
The Arizona Internet Exchange has been established with the help of i/o Data Centers and is operated by Limelight Networks.
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About i/o Data Centers
i/o designs, engineers, and delivers data center as a service (DCaaS) for some of the world's largest enterprises, governments and service providers with an always-on service level.

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About Limelight Networks, Inc.
Limelight Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: LLNW) provides solutions that enable business and technology decision makers to profit from the shift of content and advertising to the online world, the explosive growth of mobile and connected devices, and the migration of IT applications and services into the cloud. Over 1600 customers worldwide use Limelight's massively scalable software services that engage audiences, enhance brand presence, analyze viewer preferences, optimize advertising, manage and monetize digital assets, and ultimately help build stronger customer relationships. For more information, please visit www.limelightnetworks.com or follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/llnw.